Battery Ah to Watts Calculator: How Many Watts In A 12-volt Battery?

In short, a 12v 100Ah battery is equal to 1200 watts or 1.2kW

Use this calculator to figure out how many watts are in a 12-volt or any volt and capacity size battery

Battery Amps To Watts Calculator

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  • Enter the capacity of your battery in amp-hours (Ah)
  • Enter the voltage of your battery (12,24,48v)
  • Click on the calculation field to get the result

Video – Explained Volts, Amps, & Watts

How to calculate watts in a battery?

Watts is the unit that represents the total number of power. So to calculate watts from Ah use this formula

Watts = Amps*volts 

Multiplying the value of amps with volts will give you the number of watts

For Example

Let’s suppose you have a 12v 300Ah battery

12v * 300Ah = 3600 watts 

12v 300Ah battery is equal to 3600 watts or 3.6kW

How many watts is a 12-volt battery – Chart

Here’s a chart with the conversion of different size 12v batteries in watts

12V Battery SizeEqual to Watts (W)
7Ah84 watts
12Ah144 watts
33Ah396 watts
50Ah600 watts
60Ah720 watts
70Ah840 watts
100Ah1200 watts
110Ah1320 watts
120Ah1440 watts
150Ah1800 watts
160Ah1920 watts
170Ah2040 watts
200Ah2400 watts
220Ah2640 watts
250Ah3000 watts
300Ah3600 watts
400Ah4800 watts
Table: how many watts in a 12v battery


  • 12v 7Ah battery is equal to 84 watts
  • 12v 12Ah battery is equal to 144 watts
  • 12v 100Ah battery is equal to 1200 watts or 1.2kW
  • 12v 200Ah battery is equal to 2400 watts or 2.4kW

Why calculate watts in a 12v battery?

Solar panel required to charge 300Ah battery
My 300Ah lithium battery

Battery capacities are rated as Amp-hours (Ah). But most of our appliances are rated as watts

So calculating Ah to watts will give you an idea of the total capacity of your battery in watts so you can determine how long will your battery last on running any appliances

And also what appliances running your battery will fall in the safe zone because of battery c-ratings (Charge and discharge rate of battery)

To better understand this, read the article Maximum Charging Current & Voltage For 12v Battery

And also converting your 12v battery in watts will give you an idea of how many watts it can store so you can pick the right size solar panel in order to recharge your battery

As we know solar panels are rated in watts so yea.

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How many watts is a 12V car battery

usually, 12v car batteries have a capacity of 60Ah so let’s assume that you have a 12v 60Ah car battery. 12*60 = 720 watts. So a 12v car battery is equal to 720 watts

you can calculate the value by yourself with the formula which I have mentioned above or by using a calculator

How many watt-hours in a car battery 12v 100Ah car battery has 1200 watt-hours (Wh)

How many watts is 12 volts

To calculate how many watts is 12 volts, you would need the value of amps, and multiplying the amps by 12 will give you watts (Watts = Amps*12)

For example 12v 33Ah how many watts? 12*33 = 396 watts

How many watts in a 12-volt deep cycle battery

12V 150Ah deep cycle battery has 1800 watts or 1.8kW (watts = Amps*volts)

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