Charging Phone & Laptop With Portable Solar Panels (Explained!)

Charging Phone & Laptop With Portable Solar Panels

Charging a phone or laptop with portable solar panels can bring many questions to mind so in this blog I’ll explain everything about charging a phone/laptop with portable solar panels.

Charging a phone with Solar Energy

How many watts does a mobile charger use? Normally cell phones charger consume about 2-5 Watts of energy. that’s the least amount of energy required to charge your cell phone but if you have a fast charger it requires approximately 18 Watts of power

so now we have discussed the energy required to charge your Cell Phone. There are many options in the market right now to choose from.

With a Portable solar charger

Portable solar chargers are the same as power banks but with the ability to charge them during the daytime due to their built-in solar cells

if you need a small portable solar device to charge your mobile during hiking and small trips Portable solar charger is the way to go.

Here’s what I recommend, one of my friend told me about it and he’s still using it and is quite happy with the performance.

But I haven’t used it personally so can’t share my personal experience but it looks like a good choice to me.

BLAVOR Solar Charger

But in short, here’s a list of features

  • 20,000 mAh high capacity battery: which can charge your phone between 6-10 times depending upon the battery size of your cell phone.
  • Flast light
  • 18W Fast charger port
  • Waterproof
  • Solar-powered

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With portable solar panels

I have Renogy 200W portable solar panels which I use for my camping and RV trips, so by having them I can charge my Cell Phone with them

Unfortunately, Renogy solar panels don’t come with a USB port output but I have a Jackery Explorer 1000. a portable solar generator that stores the electricity produced by solar panels

which I, later on, use to charge my electronics like mobile phones, laptops, and much more…

I have shared a full detailed article on both of them.

Click here to check my review on Renogy 200W portable solar panels

Click here to check my review on jackery 1000

But some portable solar panels do come with USB output ports which allow you to charge your phone directly through them. (If you are interested search for jackery 100W or 60W portable solar panels)

Final Thoughts: if you’re looking for a small device just to charge your cell phone then the portable solar charger is the way to go and if you like camping like me or you like to go on long trips with your family then I would recommend you to have a complete portable solar power system which will not only charge your mobile phones but will run many other electronics

I have discussed everything which is needed for a portable solar power system Click here to read.

Charging a laptop

Laptop chargers approximately consume about 50W of power to charge your laptop according to the US Department of energy

I have a 10W portable solar panel system to charge my laptop when I’m out hiking, you might be wondering how’s this even possible so I’ve discussed it in detail in this article Click here

In short, it has a battery inside in it which charges itself first from the energy produced by the solar panels and then I use that stored energy to charge my laptop with constant power output without worrying about damaging my laptop

I use this as a backup when I really wanna go to some quiet place which helps me to write better content for you guys.

but most of the time I’m out with my family in our RV so in that scenario I use my Jackery Explorer 1000 to charge all the electronics

but make sure never ever plug your cell phone or laptop directly with the solar panels. the irregular current from the solar panels can damage your device.

Relaed FAQ’s

Do protable solar chargers really work?

in short, Yes portable solar chargers do really work but recharging your solar charger power bank with solar cells can take about 6-8 days to recharge it fully under ideal sunshine conditions.

Can I charge my phone with solar power?

Yes, you can charge your cell phone with solar power but make sure to not connect your cell phone charger directly with solar panels, the fluctuation of current from solar panels can damage your device

How do you charge your phone with a solar charger?

Solar chargers are like power banks, the solar cells generate energy from the sun and store it in the battery which you use later on to charge your phone with the help of a USB output port.

Does solar power destroy phone batteries?

solar power doesn’t destroy a phone’s battery. But, Yes if your cell phone is directly connected with solar panels in this case the fluctuation of wattage can damage your device

How long does a solar charger last?

Solar chargers can last for years it also depends on how frequently you use them. But, on average a solar charger can last between 10-30 years which the companies claim.

How long does it take to charge a phone with a solar charger?

Many solar chargers come with a fast-charging USB port which will take 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge your iPhone 11 pro

How does solar phone charger work?

Solar chargers are built with solar cells on the top of the body and a battery inside them. Solar cells convert the sun energy into Direct Current which stores into the battery which we use later on with the help of USB port output to charge our cell phones

How many times can a portable charger charge my phone?

Simply divide your portable solar charger battery’s mAh with the phone’s battery mAh the result will be your answer.

How many times can you charge your phone with 20000mAh?

20,000mAh solar charger can charge iPhone 11 pro max 6.5 times.

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