Is a Portable Solar Generator Worth It? (An Owner’s Feedback!)

I am using a portable solar generator/power station for more than a year now. so in this blog, I’ll share my review on the portable solar power stations whether you should buy them or are they really worth the money? and what I like about them, and what I don’t

To be specific I’m using a jackery explorer 1000 portable solar generator. I have an RV and like to go on camping on weekends and this satisfies my needs.

Are portable solar power generators worth it?

Portable solar power generators are the best option for on-the-go energy. if you’re looking for clean energy during your camping, RV trips and having a portable solar generator will be the option they come in different sizes when it comes to their storage capacity so you can choose one according to your need and they can provide you enough power to run almost any electronic appliance.

if you’re a camping guy or if you’re going for a trip in remote areas or in your RV so having a portable solar power station will be the best option.

What are they made up of?

A portable solar power station is a combination of (Battery, invertor, & charge controller). A battery store the Direct current from solar panels and with the help of a charge controller it balances the charge input to keep the battery safe, an inverter is used to get the maximum output power from it in Watts (Including DC & AC)

The size of the battery determines the wattage storage capacity of the power station and the inverter controls the maximum output from it in the form of Direct current or Alternating Current

What i can charge with it?

Is a Portable Solar Generator Worth It

As I’ve got a 1,000W solar power generator so I can store 1000W of power in it. and the maximum output I can get from it is up to 1250W which is enough to run any electronic device.

With the help of output ports, you can charge or run your home appliances with them. most of them come with USBC, USB, & a simple AC plug to run your heavy appliances like (Coffee machine, TV, charging laptop, Power the bulb, etc…

There are many different models and sizes of portable solar generators available in the market right now if your energy requirement is high so pick one which can fulfill your needs.

Now there are 2,000W and even 3000W portable solar power stations available in the market. Jackery also has it 2,000W power station twice as powerful then I have. which means it can run a 1W electric bulb for 2000 hours just as an example.

the one which I have can run my refrigerator, coffee machine, hairdryer, electric bulbs and much more…

I’ve done a full in-depth review of it in this article click here to read.

How long will a portable power station last?

on average a portable power station can last between 10-20 years depending on how frequently you use it. Many brands claim that after 500 cycles (Charging from 0-100%) the battery will lose its 20% efficiency.

as we know batteries lose their efficiency rate when you use them for a long period of time. it’s like your car battery. and unfortunately, there is no way to change their batteries.

But in my opinion, it’s more than enough like you charge and discharge your portable power station every single day for straight 500 days (1 and a half years almost) and still, it will work on its 80% for the next 500 cycles.

on a 1000W after 500 cycles you’ll be able to store 800W of power which is still enough.

How much do portable solar generators cost?

Depending on the size of the portable solar generator can cost you between $3,00 – $1,500

The major factor which affects the price is of course its storage capacity. the one I have is now about $1000 on Amazon.

a little simple trick that I’ll share is that before buying any brand’s solar generator check its competitor’s price. Explore some options and don’t just rely on Amazon check the prices on their official website and also on Walmarts.

Click here to check the pricing on Amazon


A portable solar power station stores the energy produced by the solar panels so that you can use it later on. there are different sizes of solar generators available in the market right now and you can buy one according to your electricity requirement.

These are also the best alternatives for gasoline generators. by having a solar generator you’ll get clean and noiseless electricity to run your appliances.

If you’re looking for a portable source of electricity that you can carry and use anywhere in the world then having a portable solar power station is totally worth the money/investment.

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