Portable Solar Panels For Home & Apartment (Are They Worth it?)

Portable solar panels are a kinda new type of solar panels, which gives you the flexibility to move around them and are also easy to install so, you don’t need any expertise to install them.

Normally portable solar panels are likely easy to carry on so most people use them for outdoor activities like RV trips and hiking etc.

then the question comes can we use portable solar panels at home or in the apartment? and how will they give us benefit?. in this article I’ll explain everything about using a portable solar panel in your home or for the apartment.

Can i use a portable solar panel at home?

Portable Solar Panels For Home & Apartment

Portable solar panels are made for outdoor activities (RV trips etc). But Yes you can use these solar panels at your home as well to charge some electronics but keep in mind you can’t replace them with rooftop solar panels.

Portable solar panels come in different power sizes from 5W to 200W which are not much effective to produce enough energy for the whole home.

yes, you can connect multiple portable solar panels with each other to increase the power output which I have discussed in detail on how to connect multiple portable solar panels to each other. Click here to read this blog

on the other hand rooftop solar panels for homes come in high power output (max 500W) which helps you to produce high energy for your home.

Portable solar panels for home use

Portable solar panels are made for outdoor activities that’s why they are called portable solar panels which are easy to carry on. But here’s are some uses of portable solar panels for home

1- Emergency Power

Portable solar panels can be used as emergency or backup energy for home use. like if your rooftop solar panels stopped working for any technical issues so at that time you can use these portable solar panels to get some free solar energy, place them in your backyard under sunlight and then store that solar energy into batteries or in portable solar power generators. when you don’t need them just simply fold them and place them inside your home.

Then this stored electricity can be used to charge your car batteries in an emergency or you can use them to charge some other small applicants for example laptop, mobile phone, etc...

2- Additional Solar Power

Portable solar panels can be also used as additional power in your solar system, If you limited space on your roof and the roof solar panels don’t generate enough energy to fulfill your requirement then these solar panels can be a good option to add some extra solar power in your house.

or if it’s a cloudy or rainy day as you know the efficiency of solar panels decreases so at that time portable solar panels can also produce some additional electricity for your later on uses.

if you’re wondering how much do solar panels produce energy on cloudy or rainy days so I have covered this topic in my recent blog Click here

Portable Solar Panels For Apartment and Renters

if you live in an apartment or renter property – installing solar panels on the roof is nearly impossible for us but how can we add some solar power energy in our apartment or renter home? Portable solar panels

Due to their portability, they are easy to carry on and also very easy to install. which gives us the renters and apartment residential’s to get benefit from solar energy and possibly can reduce our electricity bills and can help to keep the environment clean

if you live in an apartment and have some are in balcony and your balcony gets some sunshine during the day so you can place your portable solar panels in the balcony and store that DC energy into portable solar power generators for later use.

It same as if you live in a renter house installing roof solar panels can be a pain in the ass and you have to get the permission of the property owner to install the solar panels on the roof. And to be honest, why would you spend your money on someone else’s property and why not put your money on something from which you can get the benefit later on.

In this case, Portable solar panels will be the best option for you to get solar power energy while living on a rental property and to reduce your electricity bill as well

you can place them on the roof of your house or in the backyard in the daytime – The best and easy way to reduce some electricity bills

Advantages of portable solar panels

  • Portablity – these small portable solar panels are easy to carry on which means you can easily carry them with you itno your new house or apartment instead of rooftop solar panels
  • Easy to install – you don’t need any expertise to install them they are easy to install and you can simply connect your portable solar panel with solar power generator which gives you the benefit of you can use them at anytime
  • Will save you money – luckly, the small portable solar panels can also quality for 26% federal tax credit, which will reduce their purchasing price.

Disadvantages of portable solar panels

  • Can be expensive – yes, some of portbale solar panels can quality for gov solar tax credit but majority of them will not, and the overall portable solar system can be expensive for you, remeber: smaller the solar panels is higher the price.
  • Limited power – portable solar comes in small sizes so basically they also produce low energy as well, max high watt portable solar panels are 200W

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Can you have a solar panel in an apartment?

In short Yes, you can have a solar panel in your apartment but a small portable solar panel which you can place on your balcony or another place where you can get sunshine during the daytime.

You can’t install solar panels on the roof of your apartment without the permission of the landowner.

How can I live off the grid in an apartment?

By using portable solar panels and then charging portable solar power generators with them, you can have the solar energy in your apartment which can help you to charge some small applicants.

Can I put solar panels on my balcony?

Yes, you can put portable solar panels on your apartment’s balcony there’s no rule against this but make sure your balcony gets good sunshine during the daytime.

Can you install solar panels in a condo or hometown?

usually, condo houses have 2 owners so they both should be agreed in installing solar panels on the roof or if the other owner is not interested you can purchase Portable solar panels and can have the solar benefits

Is it worth putting solar on a rental?

It’s common sense, why would you put your money on someone else’s property? if you really wanna add some solar energy to your renter house Portable solar panels is the answer.

How do renters get solar panels?

You can ask your house owner, to install the solar panel system for you, but in exchange for this the owner can ask you to pay extra money every month, In this case, Portable solar panels can be the best option for you.

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