Portable Solar Panels: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Them

Thinking about getting portable solar panels for camping or RV life? and not sure about whether you should buy them or not?

so in this blog, I’ll share my experience with you guys about are portable solar panels worth it? I hope I’ll be able to help you in making a decision

Should I Buy Portable Solar Panels?

Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are easy to carry on and can provide you solar energy during camping or for RV, you can also use them in your house for additional solar power. So if you have an RV or you like camping so in this case portable solar panels are worth the money

I usually like to go camping with my wife on weekends, we have an RV so I’ve purchased Multiple portable solar panels

which help me to generate solar power anywhere with the help of sunlight. I’m so glad that I made this choice a year ago.

so if you’re like me portable solar panels are the best options for you right now.

Uses of Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels can be helpful in various situations so now I’ll discuss some factors where portable solar panels can be helpful

RV Life

Portable solar panels for RV

if you like to go on trips in your RV with family like me so in this case, portable solar panels are the best option to add some solar energy and get rid of old noisy gas-guzzling generators.

I can park my RV in shades and place my portable solar panels under the sun with the help of extensions. This allows me to get solar energy while parking my RV in shades

Portable solar panels can generate enough energy so I can charge my RV’s battery in case of emergency

I have built a portable solar power system which consists of Portable solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, and portable solar power generators which allow me to store the electricity for later use.


For camping, old electricity generators can be expensive, noisy, heavy, and hard to maintain. So in this scenario, a portable solar power system is the way to go.

Instead of electricity generators, you can purchase solar power generators which are like batteries, you can store current directly from solar panels into solar generators so you can use that power later on in the night or to charge your electronics.

Charging Phones or Laptops

If I’m going camping so usually I like to pick up my laptop so I can create content during camping. So I charge my laptop with the help of off-grid solar power

I can simply charge my laptop without worrying about anything. Same as it helps me to charge my phone as well

There are some portable solar chargers especially for charging phones and laptops you can have one of those only for charging your laptop or phones.

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Additional solar power at home

Portable solar panels are usually known for RV camping but you can also use them at home as well to add some additional power to your home solar power

if your rooftop solar panels are not enough for you in this case adding portable solar panels can be the best option, as the space on the roof is limited so you can’t add additional solar panels on the roof

you can place your portable solar panels anywhere in the house where the sunlight is good during the day. so you can store that current for later on use at the night

Solar power for Apartments

if you live in an apartment and looking for some options for solar energy in your apartment then portable solar panels are the way to go

installing rooftop solar panels in your apartment is nearly impossible, but by having portable solar panels you can place them on the balcony during day time

which will help you to see your electricity bill in the apartment

The same goes for condo homes, to increase the solar power output you can connect multiple portable solar panels with each other to get the maximum output

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My Final Thoughts

I have two 200W Renogy portable solar panels for my RV camping trips. After using them for more than a year now here are my final thoughts

These portable solar panels are worth every penny if you like to go on camping like me, they help you to charge your RV’s batteries and can constantly provide you the electricity during the night-time

To be honest, I don’t like complicated stuff so Portable solar panels are very easy to install there’s nothing anything complicated.

if you’re thinking about getting portable solar panels for RV, long road trips, Camping, Fishing, and boats, I would say go for it you’ll never regret it.

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