What Can Portable Solar Panels Be Used For? – Explained!

Portable solar panels are getting more popular in the RV community or in the camping community. I myself like to go camping or on Road trips with my family on weekends. I own a portable solar power system which helps to cover my electricity requirement for the trips.

so in this article, I’ll share my own experience on “what I can power with my portable solar panels” or the uses of portable solar panels.

Portable solar panels come in different watt power, ranging from 5W to 200W. the smallest ones are called portable solar chargers which can charge your cell phones and with 100-200W portable solar panels you can power your RV’s battery, TV, cell phones, lights, portable solar generators, and much more…

Uses of portable solar panels?

Portable solar panels can be used to charge various appliances and can provide you electricity in many different situations.

Charging portable solar generator

Portable solar generators work like a battery it stores the Direct Current produced by solar panels in the battery installed inside them.

The portable solar generator contains Battery, charge controller, and invertor. Through the charge controller battery stores the DC current in it and gives the output Alternate Current with the help of an invertor to run appliances.

Portable solar generators come in different sizes which determines how much electricity they can store in them. ranges from 500W – 20000W and higher.

With the help of portable solar panels, you can charge your solar generator and then can use that stored energy later on in the nighttime or whenever you need it.

That’s the best way to utilize portable solar power. because maybe you don’t need that much energy in the daytime but you’ll need it at night so charging your solar generator will help you to achieve your requirements.

In the daytime, I simply set up my portable solar panels under the sun and connect them with my Jackery Explorer 1000. my solar generator stores the solar panel’s energy in it and now I can use that electricity to recharge my iPhone, charge my MacBook, coffee machine, light bulbs in the nighttime, and much more.

Basically, this solar generator can give an output of 1200Wh and I can run almost every appliance.

if you wanna read more about jackery 1000 click here to read my in-depth review in which I have explained everything.

Best for camping

the reason why portable solar panels are most popular is that you can use them on camping. these small solar panels will give you the electricity to run your appliances during camping in remote areas.

it is the best way to use it. due to their portability, they are easy to carry on and easy to set up.

you can park your vehicle in the shades and place your solar panels under the sun and store that electricity in the solar generator for later use.

Charging RV’s Battery

A 200W portable solar panel will give a 12V output and most of the RV batteries’ voltages are about 12V so you can easily charge your RV battery without any worries.

if you wanna read more about how you can connect portable solar panels with RV or Caravans batteries and which is required So I’ve discussed full details in this blog click here to check.

If your car or RV’s battery drains you can simply recharge it with the help of portable solar panels. a good way of having backup power in case of any emergency.

Charging Electronics gadgets

Smartphones and laptops are every person’s requirement nowadays. which makes us connected with the world and can be an entertainment source for many ones.

I like to go far away from my home or crowded place so I can work on this blog and create content for you guys so recharging my laptop and cell phone is very necessary for me.

so here’s come my portable solar panel to fulfill my electricity requirement I can directly recharge my cellphone with portable solar panels which personally I have never done it. because it will require an additional inverter so I can use solar panels energy to recharge my cell phone or laptop.

I have a 10W solar panel to charge my laptop which I’ve reviewed in this blog post.

if I’m camping in my RV I’ll use the solar generator to charge my appliances like my iPhone and MacBook.

Run mini-fridge

the fridge is a basic requirement while camping to protect your food and most importantly if you like to drink having a fridge will allow you to store your wines in it.

as I’ve told you before you can charge a portable solar generator with portable solar panels and then later on you can use that stored energy to run your fridge.

which can run your fridge for many hours.

The best alternative for gasoline generators

Gasoline generators can be noisy, heavy, and expensive as well. these portable solar panels will give you clean, soundproof energy during your trips.

Which is the best alternative for gasoline generators. now you can enjoy clean energy on your way.

switch to this solar energy and make your contribution to cleaning the world’s environment.

If you’re thinking about buying a portable solar panel for your self then I would highly recommend you Renogy 200W portable solar panel. Click here to check my unbiased review on it after using it for more than a year.

Best for apartment

Most people don’t consider but portable solar panels can be the best option to get solar energy for apartment owners/renters

it’s nearly impossible to get solar energy in the apartment because you can’t install rooftop solar panels on apartment buildings. but having a portable solar panel will give you the flexibility to use it in the apartment.

you can place it on the balcony in the daytime or in an area that receives the most sunlight during the daytime, and stores that energy in a solar generator and enjoy cheap electricity.

in this way, you can reduce your electricity bills and use green energy to reduce carbon use.

I’ve discussed in more depth using portable solar panels at home or apartment click here to read.

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